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Swoon-worthy maang teeka styles


Swoon-worthy maang teeka styles

What is a maang teeka and what does it represent? These beautifully designed ornaments have been a part of Indian bridal traditions since time immemorial. They’re present in history in the form of paintings and sculpture, but today they aren’t just limited to history, as all the who’s who of Bollywood and the fashion industry in India is seen wearing it. This piece of jewellery is made with a hook that permits them to be attached to your hair, (somewhere near where you make a partition), so that the maang (the stringed section) can rest peacefully in the centre of your hair and the dangling bit i.e., the teeka is made to rest on your forehead. The teeka has been created in such a way that it rests at the ‘sixth chakra’. It looks absolutely stunning. It also carries a great deal of importance in Ayurvedic tradition.

There are multiple ways in which this beautiful maang teeka can be worn:

  1. The Classic Maang Teeka with loose hair:

If you have nice and long hair, whether it is poker straight or wavy, this look is for you! You might want to add extra volume to your hair by adding additional hair products. Make a centre partition and place the string of the maang teeka exactly in the centre.

Side of your hair Look

This style is also increasing in popularity, though it was previously seen predominantly in Muslim women. This look would look more beautiful with an Anarkali.

Half-Up & Half-Down Hairdo

Do you have overly frizzy hair? Especially in the front? But you love the rest of you hair and want to leave it loose? Keep calm, you too can look lovely with a maang teeka. Take a comfortable amount of hair and tie a half ponytail with it. Leave the rest. Make sure your hair is healthy and shiny for the day of the function.

Maang Teeka with a Neat Bun

Here a maang teeka looks lovely on a bride to be. There are other maang teekas with side chains too that can be purchased. They create a unique look. Flowers can be added to the bun to give it a complete look.

Maang Teeka with a Loose Bun

Maang Teekas can suit you even if you have a fringe or decide to keep a few loose strands of hair in the front of your face. This maang teeka is a simple one, that adds a lot of class and sophistication to the bride’s outfit.

Maang Teeka with Puff

It will be easy to pull off almost any look with a maang teeka. If you have long hair, this is a definite yes for you! Try puffing the front portion of your hair. If you want to keep a few loose strands of hair, you could do that too like this bride to be has done. Her long, beautifully enhanced curls make this a very appealing look!

Maang Teeka with braided hair

If you’re going to have a summer wedding and don’t want your hair touching your back and neck, this is a perfect hairstyle with maang teeka for you! Leaving a few strands on the side of your face could look nice too. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Big Sized Maang Teeka

If your outfit is simple and you want your make up and jewellery to stand out more, opt for a big maang teeka. This can suit girls with large foreheads too. They will suit anarkalis, lehengas, salwar suits, etc.

Spherical Shaped Minimalistic Maang Teeka

If you want your maang teeka to be minimalistic like Ms. Sonam Kapoor here, this is for you!

While Maang Teekas look beautiful and will add a lot of character and life to your outfit, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make sure that your hair is washed at least a day before the event that requires you to wear it, as wet hair is difficult to manage with a maang teeka in it. You could apply some hair spray on your hair so that fly-ways don’t trouble you. And the most important part of wearing a maang teeka, always secure the teeka with bobby pins so that they stay secure. 





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